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January 2013

For LJers with babies due in or about January 2013

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Members are pregnant with babies due in January 2013
This community is for LJ members who are expecting a baby in January 2013 - and their partners. Membership is open, community rules/guidelines are very much up for discussion to meet the needs of the community.

Until we get a quorum/consensus please show respect for fellow members by:
- Keeping font/colours etc to the community default (because flashing colours in odd fonts make reading hard for many people).
- All photos/images/videos under a cut
- If you are doing an LJ cut then put an appropriate intro line ahead of it (something like "telling the family about the sex" so people can choose to not click if they want to avoid something - probably more appropriate for news of miscarriages or problems)
- Long posts (over a paragraph?) behind a cut please (so people can read their friends lists
easily on non-pc devices)
- Please tag your posts with something appropriate
Keep it positive, friendly, clean and respectful (because moderating anything that isn't that is a miserable thing to contemplate).

Posts are recommended to be set to members only to reduce silliness for now. No reposting in other communities or journals etc - respect and gentleness and grace wherever possible folks :)

Weekly updates
Can either be posted as comments in the weekly thread (started on a Sunday usually, if it hasn't been started feel free to post it yourself and kick it off), or you can post it as an individual post - your choice entirely.

  • What's happening in your life/hobbies/study/work/cat herding this week?
  • How is your family, and how are your friends re your pregnancy?
  • How far along are you?
  • How are you feeling physically and mentally?
  • Any appointments?
  • Any questions of the rest of the community?
  • Something you didn't expect this week?
  • Something you're thinking through, buying or making for the new little one?
  • Any pics you'd like to share?